‘Cause I only wanna be your Saturday Saviour…

Well, it certainly still smells the same. The dust is a little oppressive, but nothing insurmountable. Think I’ll leave the windows open for a bit, let the room air before I start moving around the furniture.

The sensation of being ‘home again’ may or may not arrive in the future, but for now I am willing to slump in the newly upholstered couch, stare at the flaking wallpaper, and hope a new pattern emerges……

~ by tenmiles on March 31, 2010.

6 Responses to “‘Cause I only wanna be your Saturday Saviour…”

  1. There are always patterns in the chaos.

  2. You and the fabulous Kyknoord re-surfacing all in the same week? How lucky can a girl get?

  3. well it’s about freaking time … seems all us ‘old farts’ are coming out the woodwork simultaneously … must be something in the air.

  4. Happy Birthday – I hope you have a glorious day, wish I could join you for a birthday toot or two … love you like crazy

  5. I still miss this place…

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