More vault cleanage…..

The black glass pierced through a skin of thick cloud, and bled down a dark rain. And the castle to which this lustrous tower belonged, loomed like the shadow of some great beast against the horizon. Allegria pulled her coat tighter about her, fighting the chill wind that threatened to shatter her bones like porcelain. It was hard to keep thinking about what she had to do, hard to think that there was ever a moment when killing was the only solution. But this rain was drowning the land; she had to be the one to end it. And the cool whisper of steel at her side, once raised, would only be satisfied by blood. She only hoped that if their eyes met, she would not falter, not hesitate. This wasn’t the person she loved anymore, and any hope that the smallest of familiarities might remain had been dashed years ago. But still, how do you kill a sister?

~ by tenmiles on June 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “More vault cleanage…..”

  1. The most efficient method would be to admit her to an Eastern Cape hospital.

  2. Saw through all her heels!

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