Boudacious Tuneage Day #4

Two years ago I did something completely out of character. Am I ashamed? Maybe just a little. Will it happen again? Perhaps. Am I proud of what I did?

Absolutely. And though the dark forces of the impulse purchase claimed another soul that day, it was worth it. There was no cutting-edge album cover, only a collection of intriguing song titles. The Art of Belief, Post-Tour Pre-Judgement, Zionist Timing. I think it was somewhere during the 3rd spin of Aereogramme’s A Story in White that I suddenly realised just how much I liked the album. Craig B doesn’t possess a spectacular voice by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m hard pressed to think of anyone who can match the emotion behind it, nor anyone that can switch from such tenderness to such raw anger so quickly. It’s almost like watching slow-motion footage of a group of kids playing outside. The sky is postcard-blue and the lens-flare is always in the perfect spot. Then one of the kids slips, and it’s all grazed knees and limping home as the sky begins to cloud over.

Anyway, it’s a lousy analogy and I’m going off topic. My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go was released earlier this year, and if you can hold the attention of your local music store clerk long enough to complete the title, it’s definitely the band’s most accessible album and worth picking up. And since I would never want any of you losing your souls to the same dark force that I did, you can stream a few tracks from here, and you can watch the sublime video for Barriers here. The image at around the 3:48 mark will be the inspiration for another tale on this blog in the future.

Everything written about God is an Astronaut seems to agree on one thing; the music this Irish trio creates is as hard to classify as it is to describe, how impossible it would be to try and tell someone what they sound like . Everything that is, until now. See, I reckon if you think about what a band with a name like ‘God is an Astronaut’ would sound like, you’d be right. And if you don’t believe me, test my theory for yourself. Their website has quite a few mp3s to download here. And then blame Fence for not sharing them with us sooner, although she seems to have taken her usual Swiss stance on the matter……

Last up this week, the eagerly anticipated debut album from Fields. There, I used the phrase ‘eagerly anticipated’. I am now a member of the music blogging elite. Their ep 7 From the Village was truly a tasty bite of musical freshness, and deserved to have far more tongues wagging then the hype that preceded Wincing the Night Away. Hey, I like The Shins as much as the next indie hipster, but the Coming of the Saviour will not be foreshadowed with lines like “They are the fabled lambs, A Sunday ham, The ancient snow.”  Everything Last Winter is released April 2nd, and will no doubt sell far less than it should. Stream tracks from their site here, and watch the fantastic video for the single Song for the Fields here.

Oh, and if anyone’s actually paying attention to any of these things, it would be kinda nice to know it. Don’t be shy.


~ by tenmiles on March 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “Boudacious Tuneage Day #4”

  1. I might, if you featured actual music here. You know who I mean …. 🙂

  2. You sound like Mr Garrison. This is the part where you call us all retards, isn’t it?

  3. Ah yeah, blame me that’s right.

    You know I’ve discovered that my first impressions of music are often made because of the title of the song. Is this shallowness 🙂

    Anyways, unSwissing myself for once, I liked what I heard of God is an Astronaut. But then again, I haven’t heard much, and I like the band’s name.
    Have I just reSwissed myself?

  4. It’s almost time for another installment of Bodacious Tuneage Day TM, and nowt between then and now … 😦

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