Fingers intact….

Sometimes you just have to gape in awe at the gossamer threads of irony that seem to be the building blocks of this world. DNA? Oh please. Irony will kick that little double helix’ arse all around the playground.

What is TenMiles on about this time? Not sure if even he knows, but I reckon he’s just too tired to care. Let’s just say that, though we might not admit it, we’re intoxicated by black & white photography because it turns reality into a stark, eloquent and beautiful lie.

In other news, the move went very well, and even the pictures have found their new homes on various walls. I tried to be as helpful in as many areas as I could, but the truth is the rapidity with which boxes were unpacked and bathroom mirrors hung has more to do with Mrs TenMiles and my father. I can lift boxes with the best of them, and I can pass a crescent wrench with the grace and fluidity of a ballet dancer, but I have accepted my role as gofer in these situations, and am wise enough to stay out of the way of the professionals. The only aspect of DIY I have ever been proficient in is usually showcased at the very end of a project, when someone yells “Is this thing level?”. I am unerringly accurate, and if I had an alter ego, he would no doubt be…….Spiritlevel Man!!!!!

Why this aversion to spanners and hammers? Not sure, though I did see Kyknoord’s really long drill-bit once, and that was pretty intimidating…….

We were given much advice and fair warning about the difficulties Cadence may have in adjusting to her new room, but the truth is that we seem to be finding it a lot more difficult than she does. If we are woken in the wee hours of the morning, it’s not by inconsolable crying, but by the sound of chatter and giggling, and upon further investigation, a look that says “What are you two doing here? Do you think I’m six months old or something?”

Oh, and our neighbour drops by to welcome us, and it turns out that I was in high school with him. Isn’t it ironic.


~ by tenmiles on March 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “Fingers intact….”

  1. Party.
    My cot.
    2 am.
    Bring your own bottle, eh?
    Glad you survived the move and are settling into the new place 🙂

  2. That’s funny, I thought it was ray-ee-ayyyynnn on your weddding day.

  3. KN’s really long drill bit, eh? Well alrighty then 🙂

  4. 12 inches of masonry-piercing steel, baby!

  5. drill bits and loft spaces. officially concerned.

  6. But I thought manly men were supposed to talk about power tools and such? And if ever there were manly men…….

  7. Loved the giggling part . Kyk & his bit it just to much … wink!

    The Tart
    ; *

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