Boudacious Tuneage Day #3

This week, something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Let’s start with the borrowed first, and by that I mean a band discovered via my new favourite mp3 blogger, Built on a Weak Spot. The band is Riddle of Steel, and the second I heard the intro of the first song on their myspace page, I knew it was curtains for me. Or perhaps more accurately, curtains set ablaze when Vincent knocked over the candles after tripping on the coffee-table in a frenzy of airguitar and clumsy feet he just couldn’t keep still as the sounds of This Is A House Of Lies blares from the stereo. It wasn’t his fault, YOU try keeping still.

(Built on a Weak Spot has a few mp3s and a better description here. Baby Bird is what QOTSA wished they could have done with Little Sister)

Something old. After that ‘minor’ incident with the fire, I think it safer to slow things down a bit. Rosie Thomas released her last album in 2005, but I’ve been a fan since her debut release When We Were Small from 2001. Yes, I know that’s not really old, but I’m trying to keep to a theme here, so cut me some slack. You can stream tracks from her website and myspace pages, but I Play Music is definitely a keeper.

Something new, will probably be the least accessible of today’s list, but I am compelled to include them by forces beyond my control. I almost made the mistake of thinking Moving Mountains was an emo band. Yes, I am capable of such human frailties. But I was wrong, and I can admit that. When you’re in a band and you’re 16, you tell people that all you want to do is make epic music. Well, Moving Mountains are the guys who actually got it right. You can stream tracks from their new album here.

Finally, something blue. And by blue, I mean the ocean, as this last band are sponsored by the element Water. Water, Just drown in it.

Midsummer are the ocean, and their epic song Moon Shadow from the album This Ageless Night is exactly the song I intend for you to drown in. Find it on their website. And I’ll leave you with a sample of their lyrical brilliance.

From Moon Shadow, Part IV:

In velvet skies adorned with drapes of light
moving slumber slow
whispers sung of hope afar descend to allay
the restless tides of my fallow heart
born away in time, awash in the glow
I’m lulled to repose through echoes of the winters din
with veils disposed and light left passage in.
My breath still labors in this frail faulted covering,
its burden lingers on.
With the memory that remains,
my eyes are raised to the ever-present sun.


~ by tenmiles on March 9, 2007.

One Response to “Boudacious Tuneage Day #3”

  1. You’re starting to scare me 🙂

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