Saccharine warning…..

Two parental-type updates, because…well….I know deep down that’s the only reason you guys visit. And I can’t fault you, she is much better looking than I am. Funnier, too.

So, thank you my beautiful daughter, for seeing fit to spend six months on this earth in my company. I hope it takes many more years before you realise that your father is a lot less cooler than you think he is. You are my joy.

Strange encounters....

Cadence masters the Jedi Mind Trick……

The second update is this: As some of you know, I write the occasional article for a local parenting website. This month’s is up here, and looks rather similar to this:

Millstone or Milestone

Effort and reward. From as early as playschool to more than likely yesterday at work, our lives have been based upon the principle of ‘what you put in, you get out’. Study hard at school and you’ll get in to university. Do well at varsity, and you’ll get a great job. Work hard at your job, and you’ll climb the corporate ladder.

So when we’re suddenly put in charge of a tiny life, and we lose ourselves in a maelstrom of nappies and bottles and breastmilk, it’s not unreasonable to expect that we see some sort of appropriate response or reaction.

And this is especially so for fathers. After all, a mother has been bonding with her child for nine months prior to their eventual arrival; for her, simply watching her child breathe is a reward to end all rewards. But fathers, let’s be honest; as much as I do not doubt for a second your love for that life sleeping on your chest, we’re wired for interaction. We’re wired for those moments of rough and tumble with our sons, or to see our daughter’s eyes light up as we finally perfect the voice for the big bad wolf.

And that’s why, almost as soon as they are born, we’re sneaking a glance at that developmental milestones chart every chance we get. The seven-week smile, grabbing, rolling, crawling. When does it happen and how close are we?

And our inherent competitive natures ensure that we’re more than just a little gleeful when we find out that our little Samantha is mastering consonants whilst the only sounds emanating from little Kenny down the street are those indicating yet another nappy change.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Even Cadence has a bib proclaiming ‘My daddy is stronger than your daddy’.

But fathers, be careful. Because when once there was nowhere in the world safer and more comfortable then your chest, suddenly the only thing interesting about your chest are the hairs that can be plucked out by the handful.

Those milestones will arrive. And whether it’s a few weeks earlier or later than everyone else, is not what’s important.

Enjoy your child now. Enjoy what they are doing now. If you spend too much time worrying about why they haven’t progressed further along, you’ll miss what your partner has known for quite some time. As much as you’ll enjoy the talking laughing running playing, it truly is the breathing that is most remarkable of all.


~ by tenmiles on March 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Saccharine warning…..”

  1. I’m awaiting on the photos, because it is true, we care nothing for your writing all we want are more baby photos 😉

    You also must record your “big bad wolf voice” so we can evaluate it.

  2. His Big Bad Wolf voice sounds suspiciously like Patrick Warburton.

  3. “suddenly the only thing interesting about your chest are the hairs that can be plucked out by the handful …” – just wait until Cadence hits 13, discovers waxing, decides she wants to be a beauty therapist – and needs someone to practice her technique on …. 🙂

  4. Think Mel Gibson in “What Women Want”. Only more painful 🙂

  5. “I have known her for only six months. But if you took every memory, if you stretched them out end to end – they’d reach forever….” – quote stolen from elsewhere …
    She’s gorgeous TM 🙂

  6. My, has she grown!
    I’m with Fence: the people demand the Big Bad Wolf voice.

  7. Sooooo cute!!!

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