White Flags……

After enduring publishing nightmares, comment spam down the wazoo, the case of the vanishing blog post and countless other headaches…..I’ve finally given up on blogger. I tried to be faithful while so many wandered, but I heard the sniggers and whispers of ‘cuckold’ behind my back, don’t think I didn’t, and a man can only handle so much.

So, dear Blogger, kiss my ass.

Hello WordPress, this just may be the start of a beautiful friendship.

~ by tenmiles on January 19, 2007.

6 Responses to “White Flags……”

  1. Welcome to the dark side… although actually I suppose blogger is the dark side, despite it being google’s. So welcome away from the dark side.
    Doesn’t have such a ring to it.

  2. Come, brave lemming and follow us to the edge…

  3. And already you’ve changed the template 🙂

  4. And of course you are going to tell me how you did this, transit from Blogger to WordPress so painlessly I mean? Because I tried. And tried. Then gave up and moved URL’s. Temporarily. Anything to get away from the boss’s beady eyes. Please please please. If you do this for me you don’t have to give KN that sloppy kiss …

  5. Cool! Welcome to the dark side! Very cool looking blog. I think you’ll like WP soooooo much more.

  6. Traitor.

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