Cadence a week ago…..

It’s been a while, I’m sure much gasping will ensue as to how much she has grown…..

~ by tenmiles on November 16, 2006.

6 Responses to “Cadence a week ago…..”

  1. Gasp!

  2. Damnit Anne! You totally ruined my gasp. But rather than be influenced by your comment I shall go ahead and gasp anyway (just to spite you, well, not just to spite you, but also because look how big she is)…

    GASP! (and mine was so much classier on account of those capital letters)

  3. See? Told you so.

  4. If you think I’m cute, you should see my daddy?

  5. You know, by the looks of things she’ll be wanting to start her own blog soon. =) She’s just beautiful!

  6. So very, very, VERY cute! You guys did a good job!!!

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