Ping of death……

So, Apple have directed their bottomless resources to trademark the word ‘pod’. Or at least, that seems a reasonable deduction to make from various articles doing the rounds, such as this and this. There is even…….wait for it…..a letter! But I suggest, for reasons of maintaining acceptable levels of sanity, you don’t read it.

I’m guessing opposing forces are at this moment meeting in a secret location to discuss a retaliation. Heading up the rebellion I’m sure will be the Prince of Darkness, although he’ll have to earn the respect of other members as his track record when it comes to uprisings is not too complimentary. I hear he’s keen on using proper orthogonal decomposition as a basis for the attack, but the others prefer Plain Old Documentation. There have also been suggestions for the usage of Protective Oceanic Devices, since Apple do seem to have grown fins and razor sharp teeth.

So now I’m wondering, how quickly will Branson follow suit and look to trademark ‘virgin’? And when he does, because we all know if he does he’ll succeed, what are we now to sacrifice to dragons and giants?

~ by tenmiles on August 16, 2006.

6 Responses to “Ping of death……”

  1. And Google wants people to stop using google as a verb.

    I say we fight them as they are preventing the evolution of language.

  2. See, now I have an actual legitimate reason for hating Ipods and Apple! Yay! You won’t catch Creative trying to trademark Zen…

    But damn Google anyway. Whenever I use it as a verb, I always mean “look for something using the search engine Google ™”. I’d never use it for anything else. Where’s the harm?

    Mind you, I also hoover, with a non-hoover branded vacuum-cleaner. Oh wait, I don’t. I just let the dust gather where it may until I know a visitor is coming to my dank cave…and then I make the Beloved do it.

  3. This sounds framiliar … oh, yeh, The Beatles … didn’t they have an issue with Apple?

    Oh well, in the meantime … I love my iPod, my 2 apples & my iTunes. Sorry PC!

    The iTart
    ; *

  4. Er … by Prince of Darkness, are you in some snide way referring to Bill, the saviour of the world? Verily, I hope not.
    Apple sucks.
    (Cos I can’t afford their ‘puters)

  5. Oh you’ll still be able to sacrifice virgins you’ll just have to have them tattooed with the brand label first.

  6. Ew, it is terribly sad to me that corporations feel they can copyright language as though it were a giant billboard for them to manipulate. Ugh.

    So will we start having to call the exteriors of peas “pea wrappers?”

    And will people be as close as two peas in a BOX?

    It just doesn’t have the same ring to it….

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