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The rules are as follows: Post your top ten artists, the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them, and your current favorite.

This is an almost impossible meme to answer, so I’ll change the criteria slightly by limiting the selection to say, favourite bands of the 90’s of whom I own more than one album, with one or two contemporary bands thrown into the mix. So expect to see nothing out of the ordinary, and for those who know me, not many surprises. In no particular order:

1) Radiohead
First song: Creep (kinda hard to miss at the time, don’t you think?)
Made me fall in love: Nice Dream (from The Bends. It’s not the obvious choice, but there’s something about the flow and the intro, something beyond magical)
Current favourite: Harrowdown Hill (from Thom Yorke’s sole album, but don’t get technical, okay?)

2) Oceansize
First song: Catalyst (It was playing on the radio as the house caught fire and burnt down around me, and I didn’t even notice. Okay, that’s not quite true, but it made me sit up and take note in a way that few songs have)
Made me fall in love: Catalyst
Current favourite: You Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down (the best album closer ever. Except that it’s not even the last song on the album)

3) Cocteau Twins
First song: Wax & Wane
Made me fall in love: Amelia (from the album Treasure. Bought in a small cd store in Port Elizabeth many years ago, and seems to have become imbued with the strange timelessness that, for anyone who’s ever lived there, hangs over the town like a thick mist.)
Current favourite: Anything from Victorialand. (I’ve gone on and on about this album before, but it really is a collection of the most exquisite music you will ever hear)

4) Curve
First song: Missing Link (First track off the Cuckoo album. But probably my least favourite track on the album)
Made me fall in love: Crystal (I remember listening to the album at the cd store, on a whim. The first track was interesting, but nothing special. Then the bassline in Crystal drilled through my head and that was it.)
Current favourite: The Colour Hurts (Toni Halliday broods like no one else on earth)

5) Bauhaus
First song: Hair of the Dog
Made me fall in love: Bela Lugosi’s Dead (yes, yes, I know. But I was young, so give me a break)
Current favourite: Mask (although as I’m sure with other Bauhaus fans, this changes more often than for most other bands)

6) The Digable Planets
First song: Rebirth of Slick
Made me fall in love: Agent 7 Creamy Spy Theme: Dial 7 (Axioms Of Creamy Spies)
Current favourite: None (since both my Planets albums were stolen, along with almost half of my cd collection, in the Great Lung Heist of 1996. I say ‘Lung’, because they may as well have stolen one.)

7) My Bloody Valentine
First song: You Never Should
Made me fall in love: Only Shallow
Current favourite: Soon (my Loveless album was also nabbed in the ’96 Heist, but I have sinced reclaimed it. MBV’s music always affects me in a way that nothing else does, almost as if there is some hidden and undiscovered organ within me that only responds to that particular sound. Like Joy Division or Slowdive, and more recently Serena Maneesh or The Meeting Places)

8) Soundgarden
First song: Rusty Cage
Made me fall in love: Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Current favourite: Fresh Tendrils (from Superunknown. As good as Badmotorfinger was, Superunknown changed the rules. I know Luke will slaughter me for passing over Bleach, although technically it was released in 1989, but Superunknown was for me THE album of the 90’s. There were perhaps better songs, better bands, more original music; but nothing came together as well as that album did. It was like sending probes to Mars for years, and then suddenly within a month Mars is colonized and thriving.)

9) Suzanne Vega
First song: Marlene on the Wall
Made me fall in love: 99.9 Degrees Fahrenheit (from the album 99.9 F°, which is probably my favourite. There are few records whose cover art are perfect representations of what’s inside., but this is one. Slightly cynical, experimental, smart and unpretentious)
Current favourite: Tombstone

10) Future Sound of London/The Orb
First song: first FSOL was Cascade , and first Orb song was Little Fluffy Clouds
Made me fall in love: as above. Despite the fact that I tend to loathe the songs that make bands famous, as they tend to be the only songs that people will remember and in most instances have been played to death. Especially Little Fluffy Clouds. I could listen to that on endless repeat and never get bored.)
Current favourite: FSOL – Her Face Forms In Summertime (from the album Dead Cities. If you are even just a smidge curious about electronica and the explosive potential it has, you MUST either own Dead Cities or Lifeforms. Besides, anyone smart enough to sample Diamanda Galas must be investigated )
The Orb – Oxbow Lakes (from the album Orbus Terrarum. Trippy. No, really.)

~ by tenmiles on August 15, 2006.

7 Responses to “Algorhythms”

  1. Here’s a new game if you’re a musicnoramus like me. See how many of these you recognise – if you score zero, you win.

  2. KN – Firstly, though I shall not open the debate here, let it be known for the record that Mr Noord is far from a musicnoramus. Secondly, I put that PE comment in there just for you, so I’m vastly disappointed you didn’t pick up on it.

  3. Don’t reckernise 4, 5 & 6 but I know the others, if only bits and bobs.
    My radiohead bit went like this:
    “Radiohead – Creep was the first song I heard, way back when I was about 15. I liked it but didn’t do anything about investigating the ‘head because I wasn’t really into music at the time. When I was 16, my cousin sent me a tape of The Bends because I’d fallen for the still-brilliant Street Spirit. I played the album over and over. My current favourite is Fog [again](live) from Com Lag. I put it on repeat regularly.”

    But like you, I’m also very drawn to The Eraser – love Harrowdown Hill, The Eraser, Analyse and And it rained all night. In the absence of a new ‘head album, tisn’t a bad substitute.

    And I’ll be seing the boys and Beck in just 9 days…. which means my exams start in 5 days. eeek!

  4. Sheesh … add me to Kyk club … I only know I have heard S Vega. I am just a pop dancing Tart.

    The Tart
    ; )

  5. I saw it, but the “thick mist” reference was just way too easy.

  6. Wow. You’ve brought back so many memories – all of them pleasant. (Curve! I’d forgotten all about Doppelganger.) I hereby tag myself, but don’t hold your breath – it’s going to take me a while to narrow the field.

  7. Unusual choices, indeed. My brother’s really into My Bloody Valentine, but at the moment they’re a tad dark for me. Maybe later.


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