Two Lights

Just a short post to mention that Jason over at The Clarity of Night is running a short fiction competition. And with real prizes, no less!!! Read here for details.

You can have a read of my effort here, but I would love to see any Ten Miles regulars send in something of their very own.

So get to it!

~ by tenmiles on April 24, 2006.

5 Responses to “Two Lights”

  1. Excellent piece, FM. I can’t help wondering if you’re writing from experience. A lot of things would start to make sense.

  2. The Ten Miles Regulars: makes us sound like Sherlock Holmes lackeys. Eeeexellent. I’ll head over and read your story now.

  3. You certainly use 250 words pretty well! I’ve sent something in, too – seemed like a fun challenge.

  4. *sigh* Late again. Good submission though.

  5. Best of the text i read about a problem.

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