The Great Pretender…..

Robbie Williams kicks off his first SA tour in less then two weeks.

Please will you all be patient with me in this dark time. Your support and words of comfort will be greatly needed.

I suppose I should just use this time to be reflective. Every now and then, life will force you to endure horrid and unspeakable things; but these are the things that shape us. I hope I will come out of this a better person, but I can’t be sure. This will be a test of my resilience, patience and ability to endure extreme pain. I may not be strong enough.

Wish me luck.

~ by tenmiles on March 30, 2006.

9 Responses to “The Great Pretender…..”

  1. Could be worse. Could be The Blunt!

  2. Fence took the very words out of my mouth – er – keyboard. The exact words. Scary.

  3. Fence took the very words out of my mouth – er – keyboard. I was going to say the exact same thing. Scary.

  4. Isn’t that funny? Kyknoord said the exact same thing. Twice! =o) FM, I’ve heard of this Robbie Williams person, but I’ve never heard his music. Sorry I’m such a neanderthal, but I can still offer you my sympathy.

  5. Aww… I kinda like Robbie. Yes, I know… bitch-slap me!
    Now if Britney (and Kevin) comes to town… I may just immigrate to Greenland.

  6. As long as he’s there… he’s not here. =)

  7. I’m just going to hibernate through winter.

  8. Is Robbie that bad?

  9. I hate to torture you even more but the only Robbie Williams song I’ve heard is “She’s the One” from the movie The Matchmaker and I love it! So romantic. Forgive me.

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