F*** God……..

So, the abridged version of the story is this: Fokofpolisiekar are a local punk band, who as a result of hard-work and a unique voice have established a loyal following and a great deal of critical acclaim. One night, after a performance, the band are hanging around with some fans (imagine that!!!), enjoying a few shooters and whatnot.
“It was 5am. We were drinking shooters. I was having a discussion with a guy about religion. I jokingly wrote ‘F*k God’ on his wallet,” explained guitarist Wynand Myburgh.
Fan goes home, only for his mother to see the wallet the next morning. She starts a chain letter that stirs up an outcry in the Afrikaans Christian community. Christian action media group Jesus Project take out a full page advert in a local newspaper, to the tune of R40,000, slating the band for their ‘half-hearted’ apology and calling on the community to boycott the group. Oh, and they also happened to ask for donations of R10 for the cause.
Persecution has always been an expensive business……..

Reverend Jannie Pelser, head of Jesus Project said: “There can be no regeneration of morality if you don’t respect God.”

Hmmmm. Regeneration of morality. So let me get this clear. When an 18yr old gets involved in a religious discussion, of his own volition, in the privacy of a bar and allows his wallet to be ‘defaced’, the correct course of action does not involve having a discussion with your son and asking him whether a)he agrees with what’s written on it, and b)how he actually feels about religion and providing him with an environment in which he feels encouraged to express and formulate his own identify. No no no. One must take the course of morality regeneration. This is a difficult concept to define, but even trickier to put into practice. You must choose your cause carefully. For example, when a young woman is raped and falls pregnant, a full page advert calling for greater protection of woman, and a collection to aid her with paying for a safe abortion are not required. The chain letter is also an extremely efficient means of spreading morality regeneration. But again, this technique must be used sparingly. For instance, it is only suitable for decrying movies or books ‘slandering’ your beliefs. I’m sure you all know by heart the passage in the bible where Jesus says, “Above all things, protect my name and reputation. Oh, and if you have time, help your neighbour.”

Meanwhile, a group of ministers from Oudsthoorn have put pressure on the Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees (KKNK) organisers and sponsors Absa to retract Fokofpolisiekar’s invitation to perform in the country’s biggest Afrikaans Arts festival starting April 1.

Before there is any further outrage, I would publically like to apologise for the fact that I do not believe in the Easter Bunny. I know it is a contentious issue, so I will endeavor to re-examine my feelings on this. I am sorry for any harm I have caused the Bunny Acolytes. In future, I will be sure to provide you with an outline of my actions and deeds, so that you may approve of that which does not endanger your sensibilities. KN, I apologise for writing ‘F*** the Bunny’ on your helmet. I will be happy to buy you a new one.

Yes yes yes. I KNOW that within every system of religious belief, there are intelligent, caring and other-centered people who do far more then I to uplift those who need it the most, to raise issues that need attending and who devote their lives to the benefit of others. I also know that as much as I am calling for tolerance, the above rant was rather devoid of that. As alien or illogical as another’s beliefs may be, public debate is needed, not public humiliation.

That said, where two people engage in a private discussion, it is beyond ridiculous to allow things to escalate in the manner in which they did for Fokofpolisiekar. When religious groups turn to bullies, we’re headed in a scary direction.

And what does God make of this whole debacle? I’m not sure, but I’ll ask Him when I see Him at this year’s Witchfest…..

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Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website are fully supported by the owner. Any offensive material published IS intended to offend closed-minded religious fanatics or other bi-pedal, lobotomised earth-dwellers. Full page adverts will not instill in me any feelings of remorse, nor can I be blackmailed into contrition. Come and get me, motherfuckers.

~ by tenmiles on March 23, 2006.

12 Responses to “F*** God……..”

  1. Ooh. Annoyed, are we.

    This begs the question though. What was the mother thinking, allowing her son to be out in a bar, with a punk band, drinking shooters at 5 a.m.??

  2. Okay, you’re forgiven and quoted.

  3. I love it when you talk dirty … you must do this more often.

  4. Hi FM. Anne’s question is perfect! Anyway, this kind of thing drives me insane. I don’t know why some people have to bully as many other people onto their particular bandwagon as they can; what’s the point? Why can’t we have reasonable and respectful discussions anymore, and simply agree to disagree? Why couldn’t that mom see the situation as it was, instead of reading her own agenda into it? My son Jesse, who’s 18, is always pushing the envelope regarding what he says about God – he’s searching his own heart for answers! Conking him over the head with my own is not going to do anything but drive him away…

    Stupid mother et al.

  5. First thing first, If I am out at a bar at 5am doing shooters with a punk band- the guitar player is GOD!

    Second thing, In the article Reverend Pelser ( head of the Jesus Project) said ” There can be no regeneration of morality if you dont respect God” Who’s morality is the reverend speaking about? His morality ( definition of morality- a moral discourse, statement ,or lesson)the kids morality, or the bands?

    To me this is just a shake down effort!

  6. As a proud devotee of the Easter Bunny I hereby declare a fatwabbit on this here blog. I call upon all honest and true Bunnianians to stand with me. We must unite, unite and destroy the unbeliever. This male witch.

    By highly scientific experimentation and observation I have come to the unquestionable conclusion that FM weighs exactly the same as duck, and logic-ally, therefore must be a witch.

    BURN HIM! (matches not supplied. Not wood. We can bring chocolate though)

  7. Forgive my ignorance, but God is supposed to be all-powerful and omnipotent, right? Thus, by definition, he was actually present when the wallet was being defaced and, if offended by these words was quite capable of laying some most mighty smighting upon the offender’s arse. So if he didn’t think it worth bothering with, what’s anyone else’s problem?

  8. “Come and get me, motherfuckers.”

    Hell yeah! *raises defiant paw*

    Some people take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.

    And Fence: LOL!

  9. Fence, you fundamentalists are SO funny. Also, I counted your words in hopes you’d have another 69-word story, but you went over. Shame. Obviously, I don’t have enough to do.

  10. I’m no fundamentalist Kelly. A fundaBunny perhaps.

  11. Well now, THAT’s what I meant, Fence! A fundabunny. MAN, you fundabunnies are SO sensitive!

  12. I’m enjoying this chip on your shoulder and the ‘come and get me, I dare you’ vibe. To be honest, I’m not a fan of religion. Just as with other groups, they tend to take the rules, bend them, turn it, and then set it ablaze firing it right back at you to suit their side of the story. They preach forgiveness, yet they don’t live by it. Abortion facilities are bombed to prevent ‘killings’ yet killing is their means to make their point. Everything is a double standard. In the case you mentioned, perhaps the parents should be more involved in their child’s life instead of blaming a random person that has, in some way, fulfilled the role that they have left void.

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