Lessons learnt……

Just thought I would share with you two ‘guidelines’ that were made clear to me this weekend past, in varying degrees of pain.

Firstly, simply because it may APPEAR that the row of spikes mounted on an electric gate are about as sharp as George Bush at a Mensa convention, does NOT mean that this is the case.

Secondly, when you have narrowly avoided impaling a foot on aforementioned spike due to your cat-like reflexes which slammed on anchors seconds after spike had sliced through sole of shoe, does NOT mean that said cat-like reflexes will aid your rapidly aging, no-longer-a-teenager ass from transferring the weight-you-promised-yourself-you-would-never-gain-after-marriage to your ankle as you hurl yourself over the gate, only to hit the tarmac in your first and only performance as the creation of a Gepetto on LSD in the hit broadway show, Stringless Base Jumping for Rebellious Puppets.

This public service announcement may or may not have been mildly embellished for blogging purposes…….

~ by tenmiles on February 20, 2006.

6 Responses to “Lessons learnt……”

  1. Eskom has lot to answer for. Yes indeedy!

  2. We are going to need more details than that you know.

  3. What Fence said.

  4. Rapidly aging? Ah please… you’re still a pup! =) And pups don’t have cat-like reflexes… perhaps that was the problem? I trust you are icing and elevating it? ::snicker:: Feel better; and no more antics for a while.

  5. Eina!!
    You think they’ll compensate you with a month’s free electicity?
    My sis has not been able to get her car out of the garage for the past two days.

  6. Cat Burglar You Are Not …
    Ditto Chitty’s eina.
    How’s the power? Have the Koeberg early warning emission leak beeps started up yet?
    Is Slaapstad still romantically dark?

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