Icarus Falls – Part Three

There was something about the glowing tip of a cigarette that spoke to Constance. Perhaps it was that the glow became more furious the closer it burnt to the filter. Or that last, curling wisp of smoke; that last, eyes-closed drag. Bliss from the ephemeral; is that not the meaning of life, as advertised?
Well, not at this particular moment. The neon signs flashing in the window of the diner were drumming a rather different definition, finding it somewhere between Budweiser and No Vacancy.
He tried one last time to divine a star from somewhere beyond the omnipresent smoke, failed, and made his way to the diner entrance. Had anyone been bothering to pay attention, they may have blanched at the sight of Constance closing his hand over the cigarette. He tossed the dead butt onto the pavement, smoothed an ashen hand through his dark hair, and slipped into the welcoming light.
A few inquiring glances were tossed his way, but none of the patrons seemed too anxious, and so returned to their edible oddities. Most assumed the waning concern was as a result of an astute assessment of a non-threatening visitor, but as Constance stood 6’5″ and had eyes to sever beat from heart, an intelligent observation would conclude that something else was responsible for putting them at ease.
He spied the coffee-machine toward the back of the diner, checked to see that a fresh pot was brewing, and strode toward an open booth.
As he sat down, a woman lurched from the table opposite and darted for the bathroom, leaving a trail of broken crockery and flustered waitresses in her wake. Constance made a mental note not to order the Lasagne Surprise, and spent the next three minutes meditating on the strand of silver hair that had just scurried past him.

~ by tenmiles on February 7, 2006.

5 Responses to “Icarus Falls – Part Three”

  1. I really enjoyed how it starts off all dark and mysterious, with an almost sinister undertone and then – Lasagne Surprise!

  2. Nice addition.

    So what is putting them at ease? And who exactly would have been tempted by Lasagne Surprise in the first place 🙂

  3. Heeey, how did you know what I was making for dinner? I’m already in love with Constance, all 6’5″ of him, and “eyes to sever beat from heart.” Beauty, eh? I am loving this story.

  4. I am immediately intrigued by Constance… for several reasons. Tell me more about this ‘divining a star’ bit. And am I to assume the girl that rushes away from the table is none other than Cloris? You write and the gears just start turning in my head.

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