Icarus Falls – Part One

Tenebrous. Eight hours ago, a caller had asked Constance what it was like living in Icarus Falls. He’d fumbled his way around a few descriptives, but the word he was really looking for had strayed somewhere between his cortex and his larynx. Yet now, with the sickly green LED flashing 4:20 at him from the bedroom floor, it seemed the prodigal word had returned. It had better not expect some sort of welcoming feast.
A casual observer might question how he could see the time if the clock was on the floor, but this would be based on the assumption that Constance he been stirred from sleep. The unfortunate truth is that tonight, and for the last four nights, he had been battling insomnia from a variety of positions, the latest of which saw his feet dangling from one side of the bed, whilst his head hung languidly from the other.
Constance had come to Icarus Falls as an exercise in reanimation. It was both enough of a city to make him feel comfortable, and enough of a small town to provide his jaded soul with some much needed rest. Most days, the sun was consumed by the smoke from the industrial quarter, leaving the corpses of shadows strewn across streets and pavements. At least, that’s what it looked like the day Constance had arrived, but he soon learned that most of the locals just called it gloom. There was something about the light, something about its saturation that mirrored what he felt; an intoxicating bittersweet. Perhaps that was where the town got its name from. There were certainly no waterfalls that he knew of, nor any association with the myth that he could deduce; it must have been named by someone with a sense of humour. Icarus Falls, a city forgotten by the sun.
A final twist of irony had not escaped him; Icarus Falls, the city where he would remember how to fly.

~ by tenmiles on January 30, 2006.

8 Responses to “Icarus Falls – Part One”

  1. Excellent start. Excellent start. It’s all there, except in such small quantities that I’m like Oliver Twist.
    Please sir, can I have some more?
    Like, soon? 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to hear if his wings are merely wax. Knowing your dark tendencies (at least in writing), I’m deliciously anticipating that they are. It’ll be fun to see in which ways… You really are an excellent writer, FM. xo

  3. Seeing a new post here always makes me smile, and I’m looking forward to part two.

    Course, I did have to stop and look up the very first word. That didn’t bode well 😉 But I got over this learning stuff experience.

    Great start, when do we see the next part?

  4. “Most days, the sun was consumed by the smoke from the industrial quarter, leaving the corpses of shadows strewn across streets and pavements.”

    Most excellent lines. Especially the last few ones. You’ve got the voice down nicely. 🙂

  5. This has me anticipating more already! I love it when I get drawn in so quickly; you’ve quite a talent! So… flying you say?….

  6. Please stop teasing dammit and print the whole thing 🙂
    Great read with my coffee – I needed an up – insomnia … I relate.

  7. Love it. Vistas of potential open up before this one, don’t they?

  8. […] Part One […]

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