Miss me?

No overlong exposition today, just checking in after a much-needed three weeks off work. Hoping to post something relevant this week, but for now, its good to be back.

For reasons which are still somewhat opaque, I missed all of you.

~ by tenmiles on January 10, 2006.

12 Responses to “Miss me?”

  1. Three weeks off work is far too long if you are going to be offline too.

    We missed you too (yes I can speak for everyone, I’m a psychic and know what people are thinking, even before they do. Of course this sometimes leads them to changing what they were thinking and it appearing that I was wrong, but this is simply people being perverse. Honest.)

  2. Fence is right.
    Of course, that might also be me being especially perverse in trying to prove that she’s wrong and paranoid, but in essence… well, you’ll never know, will you…?

  3. FM, I was just about to post a “where are you??” comment. Glad to see you’re back.

  4. why hello there.

    ahhh, vacation.

  5. *waits for upcoming post*

  6. You were definitely missed, in a very big way. I’m happy to have you back. (See, Fence was right.)

  7. Ditto to all above … and a bit more.

  8. Oh, you’re so transparent. =o) We missed you, too. Welcome back!

  9. Better to be missed for opaque reasons than not at all. Welcome back.

  10. You’ve been missed as well, welcome back!

  11. Finally, a heartbeat! 🙂

  12. welcome back – i kept coming here and being like “um…ok – he better come back, the bastard” – not really sure why i felt that way, but there you have it :)–>

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