Are we there yet?

Hurry up with that promised post, already, Mr. Ten Miles … else I’m NOT going to make waffles in the morning, for sure.

Dumdedumdum …
(I’m going to get such a good clap on the back of the head, now)
hee hee

~ by tenmiles on October 27, 2005.

4 Responses to “Are we there yet?”

  1. So. Are we there yet?

    bnxodebz: Nope, i got nothing for this word verification fun

  2. Yes. I’m happy with the word ‘incorrigible’. The aptness of it is undeniable.

    I will get you for this. You must know that.

    If anyone is interested in attending Luke’s latest seminar “How to lose guest-blogging status in three easy steps”……..

  3. Oops … 🙂

    Best three out of five:
    Mein Bettleship vill totally zink yer submarine, dude.

  4. Well, I second Luke. And Fence.
    Are we there yet?

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