It’s strange, isn’t it. How and why and in what manner we form bonds with people. Is it similar interests? Is it that we recognise in them parts of ourselves? Or at least the way we long to be, if we didn’t feel so broken most of the time. Or perhaps it is something beyond any attempt at explanation.

And sometimes, if we are lucky enough, we manage to find a thread amongst this weave of human interaction, a thread that if we follow it patiently enough, brings us a rare gift: friends who make us better people just by knowing them.

Today, I’d like to celebrate the birthday of one such gift. So please hop across to LekkerKwaiKiff, and wish Luke the merriest and jolliest of Happy Birthdays. Because she deserves it, and we could all do with being a little merrier and jollier.

Lucretia, with all the affection I’ve been mustering all morning (and let me tell you this affection stuff is darned heavy, I think I’ve already put out my back…)..


You are a true and wonderful friend, advisor, confidant and an angel. If angels were cooler and had an edge, that is…….

~ by tenmiles on October 6, 2005.

2 Responses to “112859080734644708”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to true friendship! Happiest of Birthdays, Luke!

  2. ‘Ere what happened to my post that I posted on this post on my burpday? 🙂
    It has vamoosed.

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