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No pun intended but yeah, I was reading the Banzai Cat’s latest post about his nightmare and the trouble he was having with a shower curtain and feces – and I was thinking that loads of people pooh pooh the idea of interpreting dreams and nightmares – saying it’s a load of old bollox and impossible to garner anything from it of any use – but is there anything in it, really?

There are many people on the other end of the spectrum who attach great store to dream analysis – it is very Big in Africa. There is definitely something in it, I‘m sure – and it’s often been said that similar images seen in dreams by people from differing cultural backgrounds, seem to have a common meaning – this has given rise to all those superficial and downright misleading Dream Dictionaries you get in bookstores and all over the ‘Net. I think it gets complicated when there is a lot of symbolism and imagery in a dream or nightmare because we tend to concentrate on those individual icons, rather than the mood and texture of the whole dream.

Can the interpretation of your wanderings through sleep really help you, though?

I hate pseudo-science and all it stands for, I have no patience with the wishy washy stuff that comes out of so-called “paranormal” research but I have doubts that serious science will ever catch up, to the point where it can explain what all the stuff we dream about actually means. It’s just one facet of our lives that is mostly overlooked and ignored – we only really ever discuss dreams with people when we have been deeply, emotionally affected by that dream and it has woken us up, or the dream-movie has stayed with us throughout the day, lingering in the sub-conscious and nagging us to think about it at some greater inner level.

I go for months, sometimes years and don’t ever remember a dream and then I have a series of them, or a specifically recurring dream – in my own experience, I’ve learnt to take some degree of notice when this happens, although I try not to become obsessed with the interpretation.

~ by tenmiles on August 19, 2005.

7 Responses to “Dreamy stuff”

  1. Geez, that sounds bad. 😦

    Seriously, yeah, I know what you mean. Personally, I figure dreams are what you did the day before (or the week). But then, I like to hedge all my bets so… you know, if a bunch of numbers pop up in my head, I’m heading to the lottery shop. 😉

  2. I don’t think dreams forcast the future, but I do think they show at least part of what your subconscious has been dwelling on. After all they are supposed to be a recycling of what you did the previous day right? Well if something was bothering you then obviously that would have an impact.

    Problem is that everyone’s brain is different so those dream dictionaries are pretty pointless as a symbol of fear and loathing for one person may be a fluffy bunny for another.

  3. The geek in me says that dreams are the brain doing some off-line processing of archived data……

    The nutter in me, however, still thinks it’s done by mice with smoke and mirrors…….

  4. Hehe just have to add that I prefer the explanation ’bout where dreams come from in that Calvin and Hobbes’ comic strip…

    … well, just check this site out (scroll down near the end).


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  6. Did I just dream of being spammed?

  7. Creepy. I just had the same dream.

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