An office move to a new building in less than two weeks is currently eating up far too much of my time then is healthy, and so Ten Miles has been, and likely will be, neglected. But fear not, I shall return once everything is up and running at the new premises.

So put those champagne corks back in, you’re not rid of me yet!!

We live in an apartment complex across the road from a race course (horses), where construction work is currently underway. As I leave for work fairly early when it is not yet light, when I open the front door, I’m greeted by the bright lights of two large cranes in a sea of black, like the site of an alien craft’s crash-landing, or the excavation of some fascinating artifact.
So when I should be swearing about the amount of time I’m spending at work and what I’d rather be doing, instead I dream up scenarios detailing the space-craft or invent histories explaining the artifact…..and I’m reminded that I should just be thankful I still possess the capacity for such meanderings of the mind.

Sign in the window of Ten Miles: Back in ten!

~ by tenmiles on August 18, 2005.

6 Responses to “112429541929001854”

  1. That’s 2 reasons to rejoice right there: one, you’re basically saying you’re writing a story, two, said story should be posted in ten days. Excellent.

  2. Always look forward to something creative from you and the delay is more than understandable. Not to worry, well be back. We’re stalkers. Uh, I mean, er, some people are stalkers. But, uh, not me. Nope. =)

  3. Awesome! Awaiting posts!

  4. Alien’s are doping race horses, is that what you’re saying?

    And ignore Livewire’s denial 😉 We are stalkers

  5. The construction work is a cover story. They’re digging to see if they can find the Zimbabwean economy.

  6. And FM is stalking them?

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