So last night I was having this fascinating conversation with a friend, and it really got me to thinking about……….

What’s that?

You don’t want to hear about it?

I’m sure you can wait for the next episode of Alice, I am capable of doing other things, you know.

Look, I can tap dance! Throw me a few oranges and I’ll start juggling! I’ll recite the little known works of part-time German philosopher and inventor of the ankle-watch, Frederik Van Flinggenhoffen!

People do actually visit me for other reasons.

Fine! If that’s your attitude I think I’ll post Episode Seven next Tuesday!

Hey! Back off! What exactly do you think you’re going to do with that rope?

Guys, this isn’t funny…….

I said this isn’t fun……ermmmmphhfff…..hrmmmmmmm……….hrmMMMMMMMM!!!!!

(sound of closet door locking)

~ by tenmiles on July 21, 2005.

10 Responses to “112192761190200302”

  1. lol… so I see my goons found you! =) Actually, I’m still in awe of your reference to a ‘friend’. Do others see said ‘friend’, too?…

    (Look, you started in with this trend, I’m just going with it. This is where the innocent {yet highly unbelievable} grin comes in.)

  2. flingenhoffen? really?
    i’d like to see that…

  3. you can do tap dance ????
    its wonderful….

  4. Ah, but can you tap dance and type at the same time? That would be something to see

  5. There, there … have one of these and it will all be better. Shhh …

  6. A whole array of ‘Schroedinger’s Cat’ jokes spring to mine here.

  7. mind, even.

  8. Livewire – I knew you were responsible for this…….

    Jenn – The recital or the ankle-watch?

    Avik – Thanks for passing through. I don’t know whether I’d say so I can ‘do’ so much as I can ‘pretend’…

    Fence – I tapped out this comment ;~)

    Luke – Not if its like the last thing you gave me…..

    Kyknoord – You mean like, am I really IN the cupboard?

  9. I tried tap dancing, but I kept falling into the sink!

  10. Oooh… a party in the cupboard. I’ll bring the beer. 😉

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