The smile that fooled a thousand fools
Effortless and unforgiving.
Were you able to summon it
As a cut does blood?
Or would that be the memory of your lips,
A red to name you Snow White.
How subtle that mistake,
Right fable
Wrong role.
Did you delight in my mannequin dance?
Or did I dream that flicker,
That tremble,
As my performance took even you
By surprise.
I require no accolade,
No favour.
As deft a dance as it was,
It was still alone.
So I will avulse the memory of you
As I would a splinter.
Or perhaps this requires a detonation,
no trace leaves no scar.
Shivered fragments drift,
Dead stars
In a universe never meant to exist.

~ by tenmiles on July 4, 2005.

7 Responses to “Memory”

  1. Poetry isn’t really my thing. Takes too much time and effort for a lazy-arse like me. But I do like some, mostly the ones I studied at school and that it probably because I HAD to concentrate on them, so was able to appreciate them.

    That was all to give you a background of why I’m not really going to comment on this poem (despite the length of this comment), I’ll just say that some of the images are great. And I especially liked “Were you able to summon it As a cut does blood?”

  2. how autobiographical is the photograph? is what i want to know.

  3. The photograph is definitely autobiographical……

    It’s one from back when I was messing around with developing techniques at art college. Sigh, good times…..

    And the subject is not random either, to anticipate your next question…..

  4. Very nice. I loved the imagery in your words and the picture is great as well.

  5. The words only add to the interesting image. But then again, your words always do. Love the technique.

  6. I love the lines ‘right fable, wrong role’.

  7. Ah yes. I was going to mention the line that Fence quoted. Awesome poem. The pictures are great too, especially this one. You simply must keep posting images. The public demands it.

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