Irregular behaviour of a setting sun

A while back, Nica over at The Persistence of Memory planted the seed of intrigue, and since Ten Miles seems to be going through an artistic period, I thought I’d post a few links for the curious.

The artist is James Gleeson.



And here

~ by tenmiles on June 30, 2005.

4 Responses to “Irregular behaviour of a setting sun”

  1. Having no artistic culture, aside from that which you, Carl and the fish girls have been kind enough to share, I’ll ask a stupid question: does this remind me of Dali? Because it does…

  2. I agree Anne. Damn, fogotten the name of the one that especially reminded me. I suppose I could go back and look, but it is almost five and I’m off work soon.

  3. I agree, this really does have a Dali-esque feel to it. I like em…they’re a little creepy though undefined and leave things up to your imagination. Interesting!

  4. Unfortunately, as soon as an artist saw Surrealism as an appealing outlet for the creative side they were automatically posted against Dali or Magritte. I do agree that the styles are much similar in Gleeson’s early years, but later in his life they turn macabre and sci-fi-ish, almost evoking Alien and horror films, in which he includes political comments and unorthodox colour combinations in ways that remind me of those oil/marble paintings kids do in school. Only scarier.

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