Bats and Men

Yeah so FM and I have both seen the Bat (at different times and locations, in case anyone gets the wrong idea here!) and the general consensus is that it’s quite kiff. (lekker). The movie works on a load of levels, I thought, but then again, I am a bit biased towards men in moulded body suits who drive tanks.

FM pointed out something that sort of went over my head while I was watching the movie and I didn’t think about it until now. Without giving away anything here, the Katie chick gets to take an executive decision with regards to her “relationship” with the Bat. For once, the chick actually takes control and not the other way around – so that was refreshing. I think I was too busy watching Chris Bale during that particular scene though, to appreciate it for what it was and how the scriptwriters did a sterling job at knocking a well-worn stereotype off kilter.

This Batman goes through a kind of Pilgrims Progress and even though you know very well that he will confront his fears and turn the personification of that nightmare into his signature, it is interesting how Bale manages, in his reading of the part, to keep things plausible and human. I didn’t feel anywhere in the movie that things were veering off towards slapstick, as was the case with all the other Batflicks. Even the bad guys have a bit of a soul and some intelligence, so there is a unique tension building up there all the time. The fight sequences were awesome, if a tad fast and manic but that didn’t detract from the overall effect and both main protagonists (Neeson and Bale) match up to each other perfectly. For once, CGI is used to enhance the movie, not dominate it and the supporting cast (Michael Caine, particularly as a gloriously spunky Alfred) do the movie justice. Everyone looks to be having a great time and enjoying their particular part and now I can’t wait for Bale’s next outing as the BatDude.

~ by tenmiles on June 28, 2005.

4 Responses to “Bats and Men”

  1. Twas very good. I think I know what you are talking about re Ms Holmes taking control, but I just don’t like her so I just put that down to her whining, and not taking control at all 🙂

  2. Great movie, it really is! I’ve seen it twice and enjoyed it even more the second time. I hadn’t thought of that with Katie’s character, but you are correct.

    Of course its hard to take her seriously when she’s standing there with her nipples on high alert.

  3. Carl, exactly! I’ve just seen this, and I was wondering when exactly that women’s lib moment would take place. And then it happened, and I was all “wow, she must be cold out there”.
    Very good film, I’m all chuffed and, for once, I loved that the end announces a sequel.

  4. Wow, I so agree. I actually even enjoyed Katie Holmes in it. Finally they put her in a strong role where she doesn’t have to act like a scared little girl. I was most pleased.

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