Somebody take this despot out please …

What the devil is going on in Zimbabwe? Bob’s going to have a lavish birthday bash later on this year that will cost a couple of million bucks and now he’s got his police busy obliterating any sign of “trash” in and around Harare – in the process, displacing thousands of people, shutting down their only source of income (informal trading/hawking) and all this, in the coldest months of the year. There is no bloody petrol in Zimbabwe. Unemployment is over 70 percent, the inflation rate is astronomically high … people are starving. So what does Mad Bob do? He attempts to sweep all the muck under the carpet. If you listen to all the divergent views from around the world, including the Catholic Church (holy cow), the opposition MDC party and various spokespeople from human rights organisations, it all looks very bleak in that country. Yet, the working populace seem disinterested/apathetic or plainly paralysed about striking back at their “elected despot” – stay aways or any form of protest action, seem to be ignored. Of course Fat Bob still blames everything on the colonialists.

~ by tenmiles on June 20, 2005.

4 Responses to “Somebody take this despot out please …”

  1. sad AND disgusting. it’s economic genocide, IMO. what will he do next, put all of the displaced “trash” into concentration camps in his “clean up” effort?

  2. Hey! Post thievery!

    Nah, you beat me to it fair and square.

    Besides, I’d have gone on for a few hundred words more, a little more vitriol then we really need.

    You do know now that you’ve set a pace of at least one guest post per week, hmmm?

  3. Today’s news (21/06): …

    The Zimbabwean government’s campaign to clean up Harare is being condemned by the MDC, and the MDC plans to mobilise the masses against this campaign.

    About bloody time.

    On the guest post thievery thing … erm.

  4. ..and then he goes and destroys the urban gardens that are mostly the only food sources for some of his subjects! It’s a wonder no-one’s tried to kill the man yet…

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