It’s not everyday…..

It’s not every day that the Deputy President of your country gets fired……er…..sorry……”released from his duties”………

Without getting ourselves bogged down in the mire of politics, said Deputy was negatively implicated in the conviction of a prominent businessman. Now, although he has not been tried and found guilty of any form of corruption himself, the general consensus has been that he should nevertheless step down from his position. It almost equates to being asked whether you want Michael Jackson looking after your child’s daycare. He was found innocent of all charges, but I don’t think anyone would want him overseeing naptime.
Similarly, for the Deputy President the shadow of what he may have done is one that in a political sense does not dissipate when clouds cover the sky.

So I’m torn between applauding the President for being decisive and following through with a course of action that will have many ANC members champing at the bit, and wondering why the rule ‘innocent until proven guilty’ can be overlooked in this instance. I do think the President made the correct decision, but I’m still not sure how to answer that question.

Just another rainy day in Cape Town.

~ by tenmiles on June 15, 2005.

5 Responses to “It’s not everyday…..”

  1. It sounds like he made the right decision in stepping down. Even the mere appearance of corruption harms people’s faith in government. I wish the robber barons running things on this side of the pond had that kind of integrity.

  2. Zuma didn’t step down, he had to be pushed. All kudos to Thabo Mbeki on that front. Zuma SHOULD have gracefully resigned when he still had some dignity and before the Schabir Shaik case got cracking but he didn’t, he chose to use the stock-in-trade “deny everything” ethos that is a requirement for political office in most parts of the world. Interesting times.

  3. The “buck” has gotta stop somewhere, but you’re right in thinking that buck is going to leave a long shadow.

  4. Well at least some one in your govt. can be arsed to actually do the pushing. We recently had a tribunal where gardaí were pretty much found guilty of framing some fella for a murder that never happened, not one firing or resignation so far.

    Not to mention all our political scandals. Our politicians get around stuff not by saying sorry and regretting what they did, but by saying sorry for any offence they may have caused.

  5. we’re (finally) having some impeachment talk in these parts…it’s always interesting to watch political squabbles. it’s like a (very) dysfunctional family.

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