It begins, as most things begin, with a song.

Neil Gaiman’s journal brings good news……Mirrormask has a September release date and a new trailer.

And for those who have not yet done so, the title of this post is also the first line from Neil’s new novel, an excerpt of which can be read here.

It also has a September release, so unless anyone protests, I think I shall go into hibernation until then.

~ by tenmiles on June 15, 2005.

7 Responses to “It begins, as most things begin, with a song.”

  1. me, i’ll be reviving for mid july when Charlie & the Chocolate Factory & the new Harry Potter book arrive on the same weekend. i’ll also be, mentally, about eleven years old.

  2. Jenn and I are on the same wavelength today… one month til CATCF. I’m not hibernating though, I’m just talking everyones ear off about it until they agree to go see it… JUST to shut me up. Oh, and I prefer you not do a ‘full’ hibernation. Isn’t it great to have something to look forward to?

  3. Um yes. I must protest. A two-month hibernation period would be most traumatic. Will you still send emails to me?

  4. yes, indeed, what about all the interesting things sure to happen between now & september?

  5. Oh dear, the Harry Potter release. All that that brings to my mind is havoc and mayhem. I’ll be working that day, at a bookstore none the less. And our store has made the most orders for the book in the country I believe. Over 2000. Sheesh. I hope my managers have a well executed plan in mind because I have never actually witnessed a Harry Potter release. I’m rather reluctant to wake up that day. PLUS, I’m expected to dress the part. What part, I her myself ask? The best I can think that my wardrobe can offer is a female Snape.
    But I AM looking forward for all the new Gaiman goodies. Being in Australia I can only assume that both Anansi Boys and Mirrormask will be delayed here. Joy *rolls eyes*.
    Depp will have to curb my waiting and the interviews Neil plans do for the Aussie press.
    Depp looks yummy in the CATCF trailer I must say. And holy crap-a-zoo does the Mirrormask trailer look absolutely mind boogling-superly GREAT!
    May the gods bless McKean for his creative genius and Gaiman for his rich words.

  6. I saw that Gaiman posted on his site that Mirrormask will initially be in only 13 major markets. That does not make for a happy Gaiman/McKean fan.

    I suggest a road trip to the nearest local will be in order!

  7. Protest it must be. Plus, which will it be first? Neil Gaiman or Sin City?

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