Well I never…………

“I looked out across them and could barely make out, flat miles away, the dim but ominous shapes of the Forgotten Machines. Inventions from an age when anything mechanical was considered both positive and magical, they had once easily turned stone into steel; green plants into medicine, cloth, brown fuel. Abandoned later because of failed dreams or newer and better combinations, they had been left to stop and die. But they hadn’t. Machines don’t die – they wait. Like so many other things in Rondua, they had simply appeared there one day.”

Bones of the Moon by Jonathan Carroll… page 59

Geez, I seem to be popping up all over the place! (thanks to Livewire for the observation)

The joke is, I’m an avid Jonathan Carroll fan, yet Bones of the Moon is probably the only novel of his that I haven’t read………

~ by tenmiles on June 7, 2005.

5 Responses to “Well I never…………”

  1. And: “Machines don’t die – they wait.” How cool is that sentence?

  2. J. Carroll is excellent and I really enjoyed Bones of the Moon. You should check it out!

  3. Anne, I mentioned to FM that that is my favorite line, too. Kind of a conflicting feeling of hope and something disquieting. This is the second literary passage I’ve found in various books containing his ‘name’. I’m beginning to think it is a part of some sort of plan… =) World domination via machine parts perhaps? Either way… check out the book!

  4. one of those authors i’ve been meaning to get into for awhile who flees my mind as soon as i set foot in a bookstore.

  5. Like Gaiman he’s a unique author, definitely worth checking out. I think he would sell better in bookstores if they placed his work not only in the general fiction section but also in the fantasy/sci fi section. I’ve seen some stores do that but many of the chains around here only put him in fiction.

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