Friends of the City…….

Thus sayeth Googlism…….

anne is bored with her current homepage
anne is pleased to accept your special order requests
anne is loved by millions the world over
anne is shocked at the differences between her own family and that of the van daans
anne is frightened because she is not used to such darkness and silence at night
anne is distraught and begs him to reconsider
anne is put on trial for witchcraft
anne is standing in front of a traditional picket fence with wild roses blooming on either side
anne is clearly above such matters

adamant is an intentionally tiny shrine to philip pullman’s his dark materials trilogy

adamant is a study group and we expect the courtesy of legible emails from all of our members
adamant is found in the sky castle
adamant is essentially a crime
adamant is discovered entombed in a block of ice by workmen in 1966
adamant is then rescued by trendy nightclub dj georgina jones
adamant is a really cool hippie
adamant is notoriously nonreflective
adamant is dancing with snakes

carl is fluent in german and welcomes inquiries from all over the world
carl is touring the united states
carl is also able to utilize appropriate skills in applying mathematics to real life situations
carl is the big one on the right
carl is sporting a brand new scar on his knee
carl is a ruthless smuggler and car thief
carl is intently studying his own face in a mirror
carl is the oldest of the hot shot tap dancers
carl is actually an ethereal entity comprised of the alter ego of songwriter/guitarist/singer carl “smokin’ again” vreeland

jp is now under construction

jp is not responsible for answering who’s who questions
jp is the first to tattle to the teacher using quite animated gestures
jp is a very progressive and powerful rider who possesses a charismatic personality and loads of natural talent
jp is worth £240m
jp is attempting to reach people who don’t necessarily like rap music
jp is a modern triple deck paddlewheeler equipped to serve up to 300 people for a luxurious dining experience

alan is a cowboy killer
alan is driving force behind the peak attempt
alan is on my “a” list of healers
alan is creating his own mini
alan is fully insured to practice swedish massage
alan is the devil
alan is very happy since his father was a famous football player
alan is not just a man
alan is more concerned with gaining approval from his gentile schoolmates
alan is a member of the orchestra of the age of enlightenment

skrambled is a cool scrabble clone

skrambled is a satirical web magazine
skrambled is usually adequate
skrambled is generated randomly on its own
skrambled is satan
skrambled is unconstitutional
skrambled is the brain of the ambassador himself
skrambled is like an empty omlet
skrambled is one of those albums that just blows you away the first time

jugular is excited by this even though the hologram creature proceeds to kick his butt and toss him aside
jugular is poised to repeat this performance on national television
jugular is serious about japan
jugular is what he does on every occasion
jugular is how ten billion gentle creatures will end their lives in america this year
jugular is an overly large troll with one horn broken off
jugular is sanguine advice
jugular is a ruthless bounty hunter under the employ of the h’san natall

~ by tenmiles on June 3, 2005.

8 Responses to “Friends of the City…….”

  1. Are you finished being bored then? 🙂

  2. And it’s all true, too, so let me take this opportunity to thank my fans… all 53 millions of them.

  3. I am essentially a crime. eh?

    Great fun, but who is this trendy DJ who rescued me?

  4. I like “carl is a tragic hero who rambles through this time period by trying to make things right”

  5. if you don’t google mysfit she might creep up in the night & tickle you mercilessly. i’m serious.

  6. Oh, feel free to be bored… you are quite entertaining. Fred. =)

  7. i like combining them: “skrambled is the unconstitutional satanic brain of the ambassador satire magazine”.
    sounds kinda fun, actually.

  8. ‘jp is not responsible for answering who’s who questions’

    I need to frame that and hang it in my living room. 😀

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