Paul is……….

I am very proud of this bit of thievery from Livewire. Googlism was kind enough to inform me what my dopplegangers have been up to……

paul is a dead hoax
paul is leaving
paul is a ‘pop billionaire’
paul is arrested in the temple
paul is not dead
paul is beheaded
paul is looking
paul is our savior
paul is “good to go”
paul is an international catholic
paul is a dead myth
paul is at best lukewarm about the usa patriot act
paul is born
paul is walking with his eyes closed
paul is live – an interactive drama about a dead rock star
paul is a republican member of congress from texas
paul is second favourite to win big brother
paul is in prison
paul is insensed
paul is the author of over a dozen books about windows
‘paul is dead’ is the message one hears if you play the final lyrics of “i’m so tired” from the beatles’ white album
paul is in a tux
paul is a pansy
paul is named a top 10
paul is live at cheap price in uk
paul is “charmed”
paul is wack
paul is a real estate novelist
paul is flanked by a poster showing a likeness of himself
paul is a bad trader
paul is canadian
paul is the best there is
paul is real
paul is a wonderful actor
paul is pulling no punches
paul is an evolutionist?
paul is “good to go”
paul is wrong
paul is a 27 year old australian who loves technology
paul is not going to be a father again for the time being
paul is the leading spokesman in washington for limited constitutional government
paul is the new fred
paul is ready to rise

It would seem I’ve been quite busy…..

~ by tenmiles on June 2, 2005.

6 Responses to “Paul is……….”

  1. Four things I would take from this:

    paul is “charmed”
    paul is the best there is
    paul is real
    paul is pulling no punches

    I did mine just now and I’m creeped out … there are just too many people in the world who live the same life as me.

  2. Which one are you the? A wonderful actor? The new Fred? Our savior?

  3. then, that the was then

  4. Well, from here on in looks like you are going to be Fred

  5. I did this awhile back and it was great fun!

  6. Hmmm…
    I could see Paul being arrested in the temple. Or being charmed. Or being real.
    I can’t see Paul beheaded (eww), writing books about windows, or worse… being a republican!!!

    But I might call you Fred…

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