“You can type this shit, George, but you sure can’t say it.”

Is it really that time again? When grown men huddle together in darkened theatres, sharing the latest DIY lightsabre specifications…….

I mean really, an asthmatic overlord, a pouty pseudo-teenager, European robots, a sci-fi story set in the PAST? What gives? And the door should most certainly not have been left a-Jar Jar (yes, I know, that was beyond corny, but then so is the script writing!) A really ancient, green elf with a penchant for butchering the English language, he has.


Now if you’ll please excuse me, I need to phone Mrs TenMiles and remind her to pick up my Vader mask for tonight’s sneak preview……….where the hell did I put my limited edition Millenium Falcon cell phone?

For those fanatics with a sense of humour, try this.

~ by tenmiles on May 18, 2005.

6 Responses to ““You can type this shit, George, but you sure can’t say it.””

  1. 🙂
    Will probably be going to see it Friday night. Here’s hoping.

  2. that site is pretty absurd.

    mind you, i live with a man who can win Star Wars Trivial Pursuit in five minutes, so there you have it.

    “tonight, tonight” she sings.
    oh, it’s gonna be good. times like this when i like being a geek.

  3. I do hope the movie proves to be a good one love. Enjoy!

  4. Less than 12 hours now…I can’t wait!!!

  5. Does Mrs. Ten Miles have buns on the side of her head like Princess Leia?!

  6. Oooooh, awesome it was!

    Cheese filled dialogs, man twas a blast…especially Vader’s first breath!

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