The plot thickens……

It seems the ‘Piano Man’ mystery is slowly being resolved…..he has been identified.

Thanks to Onkroes for the update.

Damn, and I had such a great script.

~ by tenmiles on May 18, 2005.

6 Responses to “The plot thickens……”

  1. Very interesting! I still think you have a script in there, you’ll just have to use a bit more creativity!

  2. I think a film is even more possible now that he is also a street performer. Think of all the wacky side-kicks that could be introduced for “humourous” purposes.

  3. Turns out he isn’t that street performer after all, or at least they don’t think he is. So your title was even more correct as the plot really does thicken

  4. Yeah and considering this fact:

    “All the labels had been removed from every item of his clothing”

    …it really does seem there’s a conspiracy a-foot here.

  5. the only thing i would wish out of a script of this is that is indefinably british –

    this event tickles at the back of my brain

  6. things like this make me love the world.

    the photos circulating of him are so intriguing.

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