A very wise person once said:

“Sometimes words fail me; music doesn’t. Simple as that.”

Why bother saying anything else?

~ by tenmiles on May 6, 2005.

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  1. So true…music is almost like bottled nostalgia in itself and is the perfect communicator directly into the heart just when you need it to be. I couldn’t imagine life without music!

  2. My take is this… although words are spectacular, they have certain confines. Music can be heard the same, yet felt differently. There is no one definition; everyone is just as ‘right’ about it as they are ‘wrong’. And when it is right… it is very right. Something you feel in every bit of you; mind, body, and soul. (Wise person, eh? Indeed!)

  3. You can’t tell lies with music!

  4. America is slowly killing my love of music. The radio is nothing but commercials and they all feel the need to categorise themselves: Rock, Latin, 80’s etc.

    MTV sucks.

    I was lucky enough to see the Brit awards on TV and was reminded that there is more going on than just Beyonce and Jay Z.

  5. Ah, don’t let your love of music die. There’s just too much great stuff out there. Radio can really suck but there is interesting stuff to be found. NPR (national public radio) is a great source for a wide variety of music. Not only on their music programs but the frequent interviews they have on Fresh Air, etc. in which they feature a variety of entertainers.

    I recently heard an interview with R.Crumb and had no idea he used to play in a band. They played some excerpts from his music and it was wonderful…very reminiscent of 30’s/40’s music. Interesting.

    Anyway, don’t get bogged down with the crap they play on mainstream radio.

  6. Music is great. Even when it isn’t very good music it can still bring back great memories. Like “Oh Carolina” which was playing everywhere the year I went to the gaeltacht. Or that horrific titanic song which seemed to be no. one all through my transition year.

    but on the “good music” front, play just sent me confirmation that Tom McRae’s new album is on the way.

  7. my favorite is having conversations in music – or giving people stories-on cd-of music-

    sometimes mix cds can capture an entire era of ones life-jennsee gave a me a cd like that once, twice-look! it’s the compact version of my life… bottled nostalgia it is

  8. btw, MTV has always sucked…

    and adamant, one of the best ways to get new music is to subscribe to something like CMJ (College Music Journal). since mainstream radio sucks and good college radio is hard to find (unless you know where to look). CMJ is very useful. it lists and discusses what college stations across the US are playing as well as helping you find stations in your area. Since a lot of bands break into life in college radio and record lables like to try out new bands on college stations first, the music is often fresh and can be cool.

    Music is to important to be lost.

  9. find yourself a connection to the Great Music Machine in the Sky. they;re out there; they look like ordinary people but as sources of new music they crackle & spark, they always seem to know. (find one; they make nice pets:)

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