Looking back at some dead world that looks so new….

The always compelling Beelzebabe read my recent ‘pull the plug’ post, and has posed a rather obvious question, one which for some reason eluded me and one which in a fit of jealous rage I now post here……

“If you were about to die and could listen to only One piece of music, what would you choose?”

(For those who noticed that Beelzebabe redirects you back here and were wondering, yes, it is an ingenious plot to up our sitemeter counts)


~ by tenmiles on March 24, 2005.

11 Responses to “Looking back at some dead world that looks so new….”

  1. A#

    God, that was so not funny. Ah well..

  2. Damn, Fence, you beat me to it! I twas going to say C#
    ONE piece of music – would the content of my HDD count as one continuous piece of music then? I can make it so there’s no breaks between tracks. 🙂

  3. hey Machine, it worked. I almost have enough hits now to get the toaster oven.


  4. Don’t Follow: Alice in Chains. I want this played at my funeral too.

    ‘Hey, I, I can’t see you here tomorrow/Say goodbye, don’t follow…’

  5. besides the 1812?

    probably Learning to Fly, Pink Floyd.

    a little corny but i have my reasons.

  6. Totally selfish here… If I’m on my way out, I want to listen to “P” which is Johnny Depp’s band. And I want it LIVE! Now THAT will make me a happy camper. No idea what they sound like, but come on, Johnny Depp as I go…

  7. Call me shallow (or Napoleon, or Chan, or whatever), but I’d like to hear Britney Spears, so I’d be happy that I’m gettin outta here!

  8. If I could hear it all *before* I died it would have to be Wagners “Ring Cycle” as that way I could grab another 16 hours or so.

    It’s same the sort of logic where choosing a method of death for me would be “old age”.

  9. That would be me playing my own version of ‘Shine on you Crazy Diamond’. That way I’d get another lifetime to master it!

  10. Leonard Cohen, “Who by fire”. So whichever way I’m going, at some point in the song I get to say, “me!” and be satisfied that I’ve kind of answered some part of the question.

    Plus, it’s a pretty song.

  11. Samuel Barbers’ Adagio for Strings. That’s always been melancholy song.

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